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    Q:Will FRW get revenge on RCP A:Watch me
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    Road Range=Zipper. Pwn is fixing site. ___________________________________________ Road Range is discovored to be RCP. Is then found "innocent" by Pwn, who still doesn't believe Road Range is not RCP. He backs up all the pages. ____________________________________________ Road Range joins, becoming new co-leader. Pwn knows there's something fishy at the start.
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Name change

Hey guys. Pwn here. The Fantastic Red Warriors will be changing names. Our abbriviation no longer works on CP. We will be changing to the Red Warriors. The name works better. Our new site is theredwarriorsofcp.wordpress.com . I am working on a chat.



The Old Beginning

This is the Old Beginning. The Fantastic Red Warriors of Club Penguin are back up. We will have 2 Branches. CP and iCP. This. Will. Be. Epic.

An Old Beginning


were has every one been?

guys we need to have a meeting about this, none of us have been on in months! if we keep this up were gonna end up dead like Rus army. and we don’t want that, now do we?

O Mi God!

what the jebis. (hehe) you guys still need to put up the side bar with the recent comments! how the h*** r we saposta know what u guys commented on! it makes it soooooooooooooo much easyer!

O hai

Pwn here.

I’m just here to say that we’re still here.

Aqua Warriors, I will think about your offer.



also, everyone from FRW, please go to rus army and vote that we merge with you guys.

SO heres the link:


please vote for FRW so then we can win the merge, it would make FRW a much better army (better than it is right now) (we rock on FRW, but we could make it even awesome [er] !)

Hoping to PB.

We’re hoping to have a PB with Nike’s army, RUS. We haven’t figured out the details yet.